Were You Born in 1957?

Born in 1957Were you born in 1957?  You’re not alone.  More babies were born in 1957 than in any other year in U.S. history.  This includes Katie Couric, Andrew Cuomo, Steve Harvey, Caroline Kennedy, Matt Lauer, Spike Lee, Donny Osmond, Ray Romano, Russell Simmons and Vanna White. (See more ’57 babies here: Famous People Born in 1957.) 

In 2014, those ’57 babies turn 57 years old.  I’m one of those babies.

To celebrate, maybe each of us should commit to doing 57 interesting things this year.  That works out to doing one interesting thing a week, plus during one of those weeks doing something interesting for six days and on the seventh day, you rest.

These 57 things could be to help 57 people.  Write 57 poems.  Donate time to 57 charities.  Visit 57 countries.  Make 57 incredible meals.  Enjoy 57 great wines.  Do a “bucket list” of 57 things.  You get the idea…

“57 for 57”

Who knows, maybe we’ll inspire a movement.  Or maybe our 57th year will make our world a tiny bit better.

If you like the idea, please spread the word.  It would be cool to get at least 57 people participating.  Let me know if you’re in.

If you’re up for “57 for 57″, let me know @KimmelsCorner on Twitter or at KimmelsCorner/Connect 

Note – The pictures above, starting in the upper left, are: Caroline Kennedy, Matt Lauer, Christopher Knight (Peter from the Brandy Bunch), Spike Lee, Donny Osmond and Katie Couric.