The “Must Know” Lessons from the #1 Brand in Video Engagement

Learn from the Pros

Yesterday, Adweek (along with their partner Shareablee) published a new Instagram video evaluation to show “who is kicking butt in the nascent social video space.” The analysis showed that GoPro, the company that makes headcam cameras that adventurists and athletes often wear, had the top two Instagram videos in terms of customer engagement.

Instagram Social Video Consumer Engagement Rates

Instagram Consumer Engagement

According to Adweek and Shareablee’s analysis, 2 of GoPro’s videos topped the list for consumer engagement.  The NBA had the next 3 best videos from an engagement perspective.

The #1 Instagram Video  (w/o 3/31)GoPro Video

 Separately, on Sunday, in an analysis that released, GoPro ranked #1 in consumer engagement among some of the most watched brand videos of all time.

Consumer Engagement Among Some Top Ranking Videos of All Time

Consumer Engagement All Time Video Ranking

GoPro’s “Fireman Saves Kitten” had more than twice the engagement of any other top-ranked video evaluated.

 GoPro’s Great Consumer Engagement Video GoPro Fireman Saves Kitten


What should marketers do in light of this success?

Watch what GoPro is doing.  Click on GoPro’s YouTube channel.  Like them on Facebook.  Follow them on Twitter.  Experiencing their videos on an ongoing basis will ensure that you’re constantly reminded what video content inspires consumer engagement.

Strive to create “You gotta see this” content.  GoPro’s videos are usually so compelling and inspiring that viewers are enthusiastic to share the content.  Naturally, obtaining this kind of “You gotta see this” video is much easier for GoPro than most brands; still brands need to acknowledge this critical success characteristic.

Consider encouraging/leveraging User Generated Content. While UGC doesn’t work for all brands, when it does, it can be magical and incredibly efficient.

Be unique.  ”Been there, done that” is not the way to go if you want broadscale consumer engagement.  ”New and novel” is far more effective.

While none of these suggestions are surprising, emulating the best can often yield surprising results.  I say, to kick butt in the nascent social video space, we need to forget our amateurish ways and “go pro.”

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