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Free Sample

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Sampling.  It’s amazing.  Always has been.

In 1923, the Godfather of Scientific Advertising, Claude Hopkins, wrote…

“Mother made a silver polish.  I went house to house to sell it.  I sold about one woman in ten by merely talking about the polish at the door.  But when I could get in the door and demonstrate the polish, I sold nearly all.”

Hopkins continued, “A good article is its own best salesman.  It is uphill work to sell goods, in print or in person, without samples.  The hardest struggle of my life has been to educate advertisers to the use of samples.  They would not think of sending out a salesman without samples, but they will spend fortunes on advertising to urge people to buy without seeing or testing.”

Hopkins closed by saying, “None but those that regard advertising as some magic dreamland will ever try to sell without sampling.”

That was 1923.  Today, I’ll offer this advice.  Forget advertising.  It’s a luxury.  But sampling is a necessity.  You should try it first — or in combination with advertising.

Consider all the great businesses that have been built with sampling.  Skype.  LinkedIn.  Spotify.  Survey Monkey.  GoToMeeting.  Or consider traditional businesses that have embraced sampling.  McKinsey.  IBM.  The Wall Street Journal.

So how about you?  Do you have something great?  Don’t tell me.  Show me.  Sample me.  Convince me.

So that’s it.  You’ve read this.  It’s a tiny sample.  Want more?

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