13 Mind-Blowing Thoughts & Quotes from Advertising Week

13 Mind-Blowing Thoughts From Advertising Week

The following are some of the best things I heard or thought during Advertising Week LAST YEAR. (Note – I originally posted this piece after Advertising Week in 2013 but an avalanche of people viewed this during Advertising Week this year, so with respect to John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, here is Advertising Week: Last Year Today.)

13 Insightful Ideas from Advertising Week (#ASXI):

  1. “We don’t do advertising anymore; marketing is much bigger than that now.”
  2. “We’re moving from Mobile First to Customer First.”
  3. “Business today is people serving people, not companies serving consumers.”
  4. “Empowering employees begets enthusiastic consumers.”
  5. “Everyone is talking about ‘always on, always interesting’.”
  6. “Will programmatic buying kill creativity?”
  7. “Let’s marry big data with big emotion.”
  8. “Data moves advertising from anonymity to intimacy.”
  9. “To earn the right to be of the 5-10 apps consumer use on an ongoing basis is really hard.”
  10. “0.01% only matters to Jay-Z and his ownership of the Nets, not to major marketers.”
  11. “It’s not about talent, it’s how you stitch it together.”
  12. “Brands don’t have to be perfect in the human era.”
  13. “Instant gratification is too slow.”

To those I have quoted or was inspired by, please let me know, so I can give you full credit!

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