Shame on Me

Earth Eternity

I had great intentions.  I was passionate about climate change, thinking that there is no more important issue facing humankind.  I wanted to help.  I got a few designers from around the world to work with me.  First, we put this poster together for Earth Day last year.  I reserved a URL:  We were going to try and help change the political climate on climate change.  Then I got busy.  Kids, work, elderly parents, blah, blah.  Then I decided to do a start-up, a boutique agency, but the demand for our services was immediately strong.  So I didn’t do much on climate change. We still haven’t put anything on the website.

Now the planet keeps warming and the threat to all of us keeps growing.

So here’s my promise.  Now that I have an agency, I will use some of our resources for good as we grow.  It still might take some time, but we will do our part.  I just hope that the rest of the world feels the heat too.

Lastly, like the poster says, let’s forget Earth Day and commit ourselves to Earth Eternity in any and every way we can.