We Need 7 Billion More


On Friday, I was honored to be a delegate at the United Nations’ Media for Social Impact Summit.  Marketing and media leaders from around the world gathered to discuss how we can help address climate change, eradicate poverty, and achieve equitable economic growth.

Here are a few quotes from the event worthy of sharing:

-       “Channel your energy toward coming up with world-changing ideas.”

-       “We can be the last generation threatened by climate change.”

-       “We need to clarify the issue AND the opportunity for change.”

-       “A movement is like a waterfall, it begins with a single drop.”

-       “Life without water is awkward.”

-       “We need buy-in from 7 billion people.”

-       “We’re impatient optimists.”

-       “How do you become a global citizen?”

We sat in the United Nations General Assembly, and I was stuck by the above sign at the back of the room.  While it might be dangerous for more than 587 people to fit in the UN General Assembly, it is far more dangerous if the other 7 billion people on our planet keep ignoring the circumstances that threaten humankind.   What can you do to help?


Lawrence M. Kimmel is Founder & CEO of Rung-UP, a new, boutique agency dedicated to the concept of never-ending improvement for the people it touches, the companies it serves, and the world we live in. Follow Larry @KimmelsCorner.