My Clients Didn’t Pay Me $65MM


Last week, it was announced that Martin Sorrell, WPP CEO, will receive $65MM in compensation.  Martin is brilliant.  I ran one of his companies.  Still, $65MM is a lot money.

Next week, some agency holding companies will be paying millions to participate in Cannes, a creative awards show.  Cannes can be inspiring.  And celebrating success is great.  But it’s not cheap to attend.

I’m not going to Cannes.  I’m not taking $65MM from my clients.  I’m convinced that many clients are better served by working with world-class talent, without the overhead, without the frills, particularly mid-sized clients.

Of course, if any prospective client has an extra $65MM burning a hole in their pocket and wants to hire a great agency, I suspect I would take a meeting.  But until then, I’m happy that so many clients are happy to save their money.