My Mom passed away about six months ago. My Mom and Dad had been together for 73 years. She was the love of my Dad’s life.

My Dad is 90 years old now, living on his own for the first time in his life. He and I watched the returns from the New Hampshire primary in his apartment last night. He told me he had joined the political action committee at North Shore Towers, a huge apartment complex where he lives. This is in addition to the operational committee he’s already working on and his longstanding work in the nonprofit sector.

He told me one of his first responsibilities on the political action committee is to get Bernie Sanders to come to North Shore Towers. When I asked how he was going to do it, his answer was, “I don’t know, but we’ll figure it out.”

I was surprised; first, that my dad was supporting Bernie Sanders, and second, that he had no doubt he will succeed in getting Bernie to North Shore Towers. But my Dad has never taken no for an answer. Not when he formed a nonprofit to build housing for people in need… not when folks said he could never get enough people to support this cause at his age… and not when people said he could never build the buildings he built.

I have always believed that three words define an extraordinary life. Dream. Decide. Do. Dream what is possible. Decide that nothing will stop you. And then just do it.

Will Bernie Sanders end up in North Shore Towers? Who knows? After his win in New Hampshire last night, maybe the notion of an old guy with a dream will resonate with Mr. Sanders. Regardless, one thing is clear, only with a dream, only with determination, only with undeniable fortitude, can buildings be built, businesses be transformed, and lives be made infinitely better.

Lawrence M. Kimmel is CEO of Rung-UP, a strategic marketing consultancy/agency – and a man with a dream too.