How Does the Donald Trump Movie End?

the end

True story. I came home the other night. My kids were watching a movie: Shrek 3. At the end of this movie, Shrek is surrounded by a huge crowd of villains. They’re about to kill him. Suddenly a young guy, Artie, swoops in and turns to the villains and persuasively asks them: aren’t you better than this?? Don’t you have loftier dreams?? Soon the villains drop their swords and listen to Artie’s impassioned pleas. In the end, Artie — an advocate for higher morality — is crowned King, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Watching this scene, I couldn’t help but think about Donald Trump and his fervent, often angry, followers, and I wondered…

Could the Donald Trump movie end this way? Can an inspiring person compel Donald Trump’s legion of followers that they’re better than this… that “do unto others” is not an antiquated idea… that hatred of other people won’t make their lives better… that we as humans have a higher calling… that love is stronger than hate… that lifting our spirits is better than filling us with fear… that calling people stupid and losers is not a characteristic of the most noble among us and certainly not of the leader of the free world.

Maybe the notion that transforming the opinions of Trump supporters by appealing to their better nature is just a fairytale, but hopefully I’m not the only one that prefers movies with happy endings.

 Lawrence M. Kimmel is CEO of the Agency Rung-UP — and an optimist.