Do You Have the Magic that Motivates?

The Magic That Motivates

27,000 people showed up for a Bernie Sanders rally in New York this week. Hillary Clinton isn’t holding rallies because she isn’t drawing big crowds — so the optics would be bad.

Last week, 10,000 people trekked to a Donald Trump rally on Long Island, while Ted Cruz drew only 100 people in the city.


Certainly Bernie Sanders isn’t more qualified than Hillary Clinton. And Donald Trump is far less experienced in governance than most of the 16 other Republicans that have run for president this year.

So what makes the difference?

There are many answers. But one really poignant (and obvious) answer is ‘vision.’ A big idea.

Both Sanders and Trump, like John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan before them, have inspired throngs of people… elevated their hopes…  touched their souls… and compelled them to act.

So what’s the point?

As business people, as leaders, this phenomenon, this power, should not be underestimated.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” You, as a leader, should unearth ideas that not only touch people’s minds but also galvanize their souls.

So what’s your organization’s vision? Not what’s written on a vision statement that no one knows. Rather, what is the message that is being articulated every day? What’s compelling your staff to come in earlier, work later, and volunteer more often?

The same question is apropos to your marketing messages. What’s motivating your prospects to respond on a deeper emotional level? Why are they clicking, calling or connecting — or not?

If you don’t know… if you’re not bringing people to that shining city on a hill… if you haven’t outlined an inspiring vision of hope and change, then you’re under-leveraging your power and leaving money on the table.

So think about it. Brainstorm to uncover an even more motivating vision. Or ring-up Rung-UP, and we can do it together.

Motivation is truly magical. Vision can drive vitality. You have the power to inspire even more people. Maybe thousands. Maybe millions. Who knows? So think big. Think bigger. Think about whatever inspires you, so you can inspire others — even more. Unleash your untapped magic to motive. Your future fans are waiting.

Lawrence M. Kimmel is CEO of Rung-UP, the first agency custom built for C-Level executives at mid-sized organizations. He can be reached at