Here’s Proof: I’m With Her

Here's Proof: I'm With Her

Twelve years ago, I met Hillary Clinton. We talked about branding. She was smart, engaged, personable, and well informed. Best of all, she was a brilliant judge of talent: She said she really wanted my help with marketing and asked for my business card. Unfortunately, she never called, and I never followed up.

Now, a dozen years later, I don’t believe she is a perfect human being, but the thought of her as President with easy access to Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and many other brilliant people who have transformed the economy, helped deliver more than 30 million new jobs, reduced the deficit, reduced crime rates, provided insurance to more than 20 million people, and made the world a more peaceful place is a comforting idea.

Since this campaign started, I have worked far harder against Donald Trump than for Hillary Clinton, but with each passing day, I feel more convinced that while she still needs branding help, I need to publicly acknowledge that — well, a picture is worth a thousand words — I’m with her.

Lawrence M. Kimmel is CEO of Rung-UP, the first agency custom built for C-Level executives at mid-sized organizations. He can be reached at