Got a Second

Got a Second

When it comes to display advertising, one second of attention is the new “tougher standard” GroupM (the largest buyer of media for advertisers) requires from publishers/suppliers.

Although online advertising viewability rates have been improving, it’s still beyond outrageous that many providers in the digital ecosystem are charging advertisers big money for absolutely nothing — or next to nothing. A recent study suggested that 53% of display ads don’t meet the one second rule.

GroupM’s one second requirement may satisfy some, but at our agency we hold our ad expectations to a higher standard. For our clients, we aggressively avoid having them spend good money and get little for it. This requires ingenuity. It can’t be accomplished with a few clicks on a trading desk. Yet it is possible to deliver meaningful advertising impact without relying heavily on the corrupt elements which permeate the digital advertising ecosystem.

For one client recently, we reached more than 250 million people spending virtually no money on paid media. For another client, we developed an out-of-home campaign that is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, without costing the client a penny.

In the current advertising environment, there are too many players spending too much money and expecting too little. All clients/advertisers should tell their agencies/digital media suppliers that time is money, and wasting precious ad dollars must cease immediately. Every second counts.

Lawrence M. Kimmel is CEO of Rung-UP, the first agency custom built for C-Level executives at mid-sized organizations. He can be reached at