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Age is a state of mindKimmel Quote
AppreciationKimmel Quote
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Straight & NarrowKimmel Quote
“Better done than said.”
“The best conversationalists often
say the least.”
“When you reach the end of your rope, start climbing.”
“Greatness follows determination.
Determination follows a dream.
A dream is great to follow.”
“Go to great lengths to stay close.”
“Cry if it’s what you feel, but laugh
if you want to heal.”
“To a child, a parent’s labors are
only fully apparent when the
child himself becomes a parent.”

- Lawrence M. Kimmel

Howard & Sylvia Kimmel, 2012

My parents. Together for 70 years.
Still looking forward. But as the mirror suggests, there’s much behind them too.
Sandy Sand.
Quogue Beach, After Hurricane Sandy

As the sands of time proceed
And the sands of Sandy secede
Let us heed
The lessons we need …
Whether the weather did or did not impact your shore
You can’t bury your head in the sand anymore