Lawrence M. Kimmel is an acclaimed public speaker. He has keynoted at events around the world, including industry conferences, summits, college/university programs, and at private corporate events.

His recent keynotes include …

  • Digital Global Trends, Barcelona
  • BrandConnect, New York
  • Digital Summit, Atlanta

Larry designs his presentations to …

  • Enlighten — with new ideas that drive success
  • Inspire — with emotionally-compelling visuals & content
  • Entertain – to ensure audience engagement

While Larry always customizes his presentations for each audience, his current core content includes …

The Timeless Truths of Scientific Marketing

Overview: Marketing is changing at a frenetic pace. Many marketers can’t keep up. They don’t know where to turn. This presentation is a solution. It identifies the marketing “truths” that have stood the test of time — from the print period in the late 1800s through today’s social/mobile revolution. This presentation has been featured at events focused on digital marketing, social media and direct marketing. It provides specific, tangible and timeless recommendations that can help optimize marketing performance across the full spectrum of channels.

Linked-In management, sponsor of the social media conference BrandConnect, declared that Kimmel’s keynote was “the best presentation at their conference” and compared Kimmel’s performance to Steve Jobs’ presentations.

This presentation has recently spawned a monthly column in Direct Marketing News, called “Timeless Marketing Truths”.

Audience Target: This presentation is well suited for progressive digital audiences and classically-trained marketers.

Ridiculously Antiquated Times

Overview: Kimmel contends that we live in ridiculously antiquated times. It may take 50 years or 5 years or 5 minutes to conclude that – but we all will conclude this. But how do we leverage the promise of contemporary technology? How can you redefine your business – and transform it? What are the critical phenomenon that will redefine business over the next 5 years?

This provocative presentation provides answers and forces audience members to contemplate their business circumstances – and conceive new solutions.

This is the presentation that was called, “the buzz of Barcelona.”

Audience Target: Marketing and sales management.

The Secret of Life Success

Overview: While many college students struggle for direction in life, this presentation shares the characteristics that have defined success for everyone from Ben Franklin to Michael Bloomberg to Lady Gaga. The presentation also outlines the benefits of a career in marketing. This presentation has been called “life changing” and has been embraced by community college students and Ivy League scholars.

Audience Target: College students searching for career direction, often college sophomores and juniors, but the speech has also proven effective for students from high school through grad school.

To discuss your presentation needs, contact Lawrence@KimmelsCorner.com.